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Good website guarantees better customer acquisition and increases your turnover

I offer original and creative website content and image/video selection that fully complies with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles. No good web project can be launched without a good “copy” – it guarantees the website’s success on search engines to 80 percent and customer satisfaction with the website to 50 percent. And if you already own an online project – we will work to improve it. Besides writing, I offer editing and textual / visual audit of your existing web projects (see “What is Copywriting for Web & SEO?” in the next section). Furthermore, I am able to facilitate your website’s technical evaluation and if needed, to cover the whole 100 percent of website redesign.

Why is unique website content important?

Less repetition and more useful information on your website

Over the years internet became stuffed with information which is often repetitive. Finding copy-paste articles is annoying and time consuming for the user. For the sake of improving user experience Google and other search engines promote the sources which provide unique, useful and new information in the search results and penalizes repetitive and plagiarized content by putting it down.

Know the needs of your customers and give them answers

Search engines thus seek to simulate human user experience by means of artificial intelligence. It is a rule of thumb to follow your ideal customers’ needs and interests and to provide elaborate answers to the questions your profiled future customers might have about your products, services or blog articles.

What makes a good website “copy”?

Content is the single most important thing on your website

While images videos and cute user interfaces are used to make the website attractive, good text message is essentially what brings the people to you from the search engines or social media. And if the message is right – the visitors will stay. That said, things happen fast online and nobody likes to wait for the page to load or spend time trying to understand the information in front of them. Basically, there is so much content online and the selection of what is useful happens in an accelerated manner. Therefore, your message should be consistent but informative.

Your message has to be adapted to online environment

Reading on the web is different in its nature from reading printed media. On the other hand, reading and writing on the internet has changed a lot in the recent 10 years. Reading online is what is called “scan reading”, where bits of information make the whole. Writing a good web copy responds to exactly that – constructing content in a way that makes sense no matter which end you start reading it from. What is important though is a “copy” that together with a good web design offers the visitors the best and the fastest way through the website in order to gather valuable information and take an action: call, order, subscribe, submit a form or click through.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

The defining aspects of successful search engine optimization 

Most important aspects which decide your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) are: security and accessibility, modern technology and user experience and text, also known as copy. “Copy” is a widespread synonym of a word “text”, which originally comes from the publishing realm where text is intended to be copied – reproduced in books, newspapers etc.

The benefits of investing in search engine optimization

Improving Search Engine ranking positions by means of great copywriting and good web design increases your authority against your competition on the search engine indexes. This is crucial if you value being found online now and in the future. Thus SEO-compliant copywriting is a great value on investment for both commercial and non-profit organizations as well as solopreneurs such as coaches or consultants.

What is copywriting for web & SEO?

In the search engine optimization, content is still king

While we all love websites which look good, the positions on Google and other search engines – such as Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, Yandex or even Facebook or Youtube – are won by the companies and individuals who invest in the original and well written content. Be it a SEO-compliant blog entry, product or service description or subtitles for your video tutorials – it is best value for money to hire someone with a good understanding of SEO-compliant text principles.

I write according to the search engine optimization principles

One can say that good website text combined with user friendly web design determines who will be visible for the people that are looking for particular products, services or information on the search engines. However, the “copy” (i.e. the text) controls the designer’s decisions, not the other way round.

Original, accessible and informative text of high quality

SEO-friendly copywriting is first and foremost an original and accessible text of high quality, which means that it includes the right amount of relevant keywords to describe you or your services and to connect you with the right target group. This is done by associating you with the correct market or field of information. The words used must be somewhat simple, but the message must be well structured. While this might seem easy to accomplish, numerous artificial intelligence tools employed by the search engines monitor the quality of each text published online. Therefore, stuffing your content with keywords or simply borrowing content will not help you in 2020 – it will most certainly hurt your business. That is because search engine providers are intelligent enough to simulate the human user experience.

Artificial intelligence cannot be cheated any longer

Google & co. want you to find relevant information when you browse, since only then will their service be valuable and even irreplaceable for you. It often recognizes human habits while browsing, scrolling and reading online, namely how much time is spent reading a text before the person leaves a website. If your website features content which is badly structured, unoriginal or has misleading content or keywords, search engines will rank it low and you will not find it in the top search results which often means you won’t be found at all.

The main features of SEO-compliant copywriting for websites

SEO-compliant web “copy” comprises of a complex structure of both visible and invisible text. I will make sure to create an elaborate selection of text – or I will improve its quality – to contain all of the below according to the best search engine optimization standards of the day:

  • Website Title
  • Page Titles, Page Meta-Descriptions, and selection of Preview-Images
  • Key Phrases for all pages
  • Navigation Menus including Link Titles (Header, Footer, Sidebar)
  • Headings from H1 to H6
  • Lists and Indexes
  • URL Names (www address for each subpage)
  • Right Amount of Words in  Pages with the right amounts of Key Phrases and their synonyms
  • Landing Page with Internal Links
  • Image Titles and Image Alternative Titles
  • Link Titles
  • Social Media Sharing Titles, Meta Descriptions and Preview-Images

Can we predict user behavior online?

Well-structured websites cater to a customer’s needs

I will perform an audit of the texts and content of your website from editorial point of view to determine which improvements are necessary. Firstly, obstacles for customer conversion must be recognized and removed. Secondly, communication “bridges” must be created where they are missing in order to streamline user behavior into interactions. Furthermore, I will make suggestions for website design and interface improvements for the best way to display the content if that is needed from my point of view.

Do you have a new project at hand?

For a new project I will create a voice that will accommodate your target audience with a friendly environment which builds customer’s trust, encourages interaction and makes decision making lighter.


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