Gintarė Matulaitytė
Freelance copywriter in Berlin

    Should you hire a copywriter?

    1. If you care about your customers, it’s a yes!

      If you have the best product or service on the market it may seem like you have all you need. However, there is a problem – you may be the only one who knows this! In order to win the clients’ attention and to win their trust, you must deliver an exciting yet informative message about your offer – not just a list of the product’s qualities. Copywriting thus plays a major role in finding and creating your ideal client (customer).

    2. Make your brand visible online and invite participation

      One more reason to hire a professional copywriter is SEO (search engine optimization). Having a copy is no longer enough if you care about brand visibility online – it has to be written and structured according to the rules of search engines. What this means is that great content guarantees better chances to appear above your competitors in the organic search results. SEO rules do not just serve the algorithms: they are created to increase user interaction with the text on a given website.

    3. Establish a voice and create trust in your message

      Finally, nobody likes to be talked to by a robot. Not for too long, anyway. However, this is what your potential customers may feel like if you decide to skip creative part of writing and instead compile a list of facts, copy-paste content from elsewhere or have an undedicated agency produce outsourced content unbothered to do proper research. A freelance copywriter offers a boutique service with one-of-a-kind, authentic voice that will make your content appear natural and organic. This is a kind of content that humans can relate to and develop trust.

    4. Copywriting for coaches, consultants and solopreneurs

      If you are a business owner, you must have a lot on your plate. Every successful person knows, that they cannot do everything on their own for a simple reason – it is the most straightforward way to a burn out. Being in charge means distributing tasks and overseeing that the results meet the mark. Copywriting is something that requires great concentration and skills – a professional copywriter will put together a convincing copy while you can focus on the future of your business.